Why Give Students More Homework?

Why do modern students receive high volumes of homework? Are the students safe? Before thinking about the bulkiness of students’ assignments, we must understand the limits of the homework. Students who receive high volumes of homework are regularly stressed and risks suffering from psychological disorders. Excess homework brings about imbalances in the student’s social life.

Students need to have some time to visit social sites, socialize, interact with their peers and parents. How can they achieve all this with the heavy burdens of homework? It is challenging to be productive in their academics with such a tight schedule.

This article will be exploring the concept of excess homework to promote excellent performance among students. Find out how much is excess homework, among other homework issues.

How much is excess homework

You may be for the opinion that having too much is never enough. That should not be the case in the student’s assignment. We must have a limit to define the study boundaries. Students need to have peace of mind as they go through the tasks. Students should have a relaxing time where they can engage in mind refreshing activities.

Giving students excess homework is not a good phenomenon. Home works should not eat into the student’s time by more than two hours. Parents get worried about the limited time for students to interact with family members.

After a successful school assignment, students should take part in sports clubs, partying, fan clubs, and leisure with friends.

Any assignment that denies a student’s quality time for interaction with their family members is not good. It is not easy to study in a home atmosphere. Students need time to enjoy leisure together with their families. Students memorize concepts better through visualization. The homework should be light enough to be incorporated into the ordinary home routines. Any school work that jeopardizes such a schedule is what individuals take to be excess.

Unfortunately, many educators think that students forget nearly all their reading material in school during their summer holidays. They end up pumping a lot of assignments to the students. They do it intending to make them maintaining the learning moods even as student enjoy their holiday. But why should they limit the summer holidays with homework?

Solution for the voluminous amount of homework

Though investing in education gives better pay, this should not compromise the health of students. Students should not spend more than two hours of their time on homework. Kids need time to enjoy their world. Students have other activities to carry out in their homes. Further, educators should give the assignments students can handle. The tasks should be relevant to the learner’s future career life. It is unethical to provide learners more homework they can handle and irrelevant materials that do not support career growth.

There is no reason for burdening learners with bulk homework. Bulk assignments do not make students more cleaver nor prepare them for a future career. There are more health risks associated with stress resulting from the excess homework. There must be a limit to the number of work students receive.

Reasonable time should never exceed two hours. Teachers should ensure that the assignments do not interfere with the healthy lifestyle of the learner. They should comfortably interact with their family, share their time with friends on social media, engage in leisure activities, among others. Mental health comes first. Parents, on the other hand, need to feel the presence of their children. For better academic performance, parents need to spend quality time with their kids, identify their areas of weakness, and share with them tips for a better life.

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